Is Guardian Tales Offline? (Explained)

Guardian Tales is one of the most popular online games people enjoy. The game’s objective is to guide your Guardian character through various levels, fighting off enemies along the way.

The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is challenging and addictive. Players also have many opportunities to customize their Guardian characters, making them unique.

Guardian Tales is available for free on the web, but there are also versions of the game that can be played on Facebook and iPhone. This guide will discuss the basics of Guardian Tales gameplay, including how to play the game and get started with it.

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What Happened: 

On October 10th, the game went offline, and players have not been able to play since Guardian Tales, an online gaming platform with a library of games and comics, has been offline for several weeks.

This has caused concern among its users, as the website has not indicated that it is shutting down. Guardian Tales’ last post was on July 18th; since then, there have been no new updates on the website or social media.

Some users have even started a petition to bring the platform back online. While Guardian Tales is currently offline, its future remains uncertain. According to Yahoo Finance, the company has about $4 million in debt, and its CEO has been arrested on fraud charges.

As for the platform itself, there is a chance that it could be brought back online in the future if it can find new investors.


Theories about why the game went offline abound, but no one knows what happened. Some believe the game’s servers were overloaded and crashed under the load. Others believe that a malicious hacker took down the game’s servers.

Still, others believe that there was a problem with the game’s code that caused it to go offline. No one knows what happened, and the game developers have not released any information about what caused the game to go offline.

The most common theory is that the game’s servers were overloaded and crashed under the load, but no evidence supports this theory. The only proof of this theory can be found in a post on the official forums by one of the game’s developers.

What’s Next:

It is unclear what will happen with Guardian Tales, but the developers have not indicated that they plan to bring it back online.

Guardian Tales is an MMORPG that has been around for about ten years. The developers have not indicated what will happen with the game, but some players are worried that it might be shut down.

There are many other MMORPGs on the market so Guardian Tales may be discontinued. However, there is also a chance that the developers might decide to update the game and keep it running. Only time will tell what will happen with this popular title.

You can still try it out if interested in playing Guardian Tales. The game is not moving anywhere anytime soon, so there is no need to worry that it will be shut down soon.


Many people are disappointed that Guardian Tales is offline, and there is no clear indication of when or if it will be returned online.

In conclusion, Guardian Tales appears offline, and there is no word on when it will be back up. Players are understandably upset, as the game was a popular one.

While there is no telling when the game will be back up, hopefully, Gumi will provide some update soon. In the meantime, players can explore other games in the Guardian Cross series or wait for Guardian Tales to return.

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