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In the legend spoke of Orochi, there was a demon described as an eight–headed snake with eight tails and a constantly bloody and inflamed body that extended over eight valleys and eight hills. For every 100 years, Orochi will revive and sow horror into the world.
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Jul 31, 2020
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Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk  the thunder god, and protector of Earth has been betrayed! His best friend and fellow ninja, Jiro, has stolen the Lightning Sword – a powerful artifact that can help levelly entire cities. Now, Raiden must track down Jiro and take back what is rightfully his. Ninja Raiden Revenge is an electrifying new Android game that puts you in the shoes of the vengeful ninja. With sleek graphics and fast-paced gameplay, you’ll be immersed in Raider’s world as he fights to take back what was stolen from him.

This game is perfect for fans of fast-paced action games. If you’re looking for a challenge, Ninja Raiden Revenge mod apk will give you one. With hours of gameplay, you’ll surely get your money’s worth with this title.


Raiden is a popular Japanese video game character featured in many games over the years. The surface is best known for his appearances in the “Contra” and “Metal Gear Solid” series. In recent years, Raiden has also become a famous character in the mobile gaming market with games like “Ninja Raiden Revenge.” “Ninja Raiden Revenge” is a 2D action-platformer game released for Android devices in 2015. The game features Raiden as the main character, who must use his ninja skills to defeat enemies and progress through the levels. The game offers simple controls and colorful graphics that make it easy to pick up and play. Despite its simplistic design, “Ninja Raiden Revenge” is a challenging game that will keep players hooked for hours.


In the game Ninja Raiden Revenge, players control the titular ninja character as he seeks revenge for the death of his master. The game is played from a side-scrolling perspective, and gameplay consists of platforming and combat. Platforming sections require the player to navigate through obstacles and reach the end of the level. Combat sections require the player to defeat enemies using a variety of weapons and gadgets. The game features several power-ups and collectibles that can be found in levels, which can help the player progress through the game.


Raiden Revenge is an upcoming Android game that promises to take gamers by storm. With its cutting-edge graphics and intense gameplay, it is sure to be a hit with mobile gaming fans. The game follows the story of ninja warrior Raiden, who must seek revenge against those who have wronged him. Players will guide Raiden through various levels, using his ninja skills to take down enemies and reach his ultimate goal. With its breathtaking visuals and fast-paced action, Raiden Revenge is one of the best Android games of the year. So if you’re looking for a gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat, check out Raiden Revenge when it launches later this year.


In conclusion, Ninja Raiden Revenge is an excellent game for those who enjoy a challenge. With its many levels and difficult enemies, it is sure to provide hours of fun. So what are you waiting for? Download it today and start your ninja training!


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